Pink Peonies

They say, “all good things must come to an end.” As we approach the season ending of my absolute favorite flower, Peonies, I figured why not post about them in my very first blog on Creme de Lauren!

Flowers always make me feel so giddy inside.  I just love having flowers, fresh or artificial, scattered all around my apartment.  They add a special, finishing touch to any room.

Yesterday, as I was strolling through Union Square’s farmers market, I came across the most beautiful white, pale pink and fuchsia peonies.  I was in absolute heaven.  Many of you know that peonies have a very short “in-season” date so, of course I had to buy 3 bunches and I “oh’d and awh’d” while picking out the best buds.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the farmers who was manning the booth from Hodgson’s Farm in Walden, NY.  He informed me that the prime time to buy these beauties are the last week in May through the end of June.  He works on the farm which has over 2 acres of just peonies, dreamy right?!

This gentleman also gave me a helpful tip on caring for these flowers.  He said “keep these peonies in a cool climate and fill their vases everyday with ice water and you will get a good 7-8 days of pure joy and beauty!”

Thank you for stopping by and I’m looking forward to sharing more on dreamy flowers, my fashion wardrobe, my travel excursions and my interior staples in my humble abode.

XX, Creme de Lauren

FarmpeoniesPeony day 1Peony Vase 1Peony Vase 2Peony Vase 5Peony Vase 6Peony Vase 7


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